Monday, 15 May 2017

Planet problem

Family Home Evening in our house always ends up in a great debate over which game to play.

Poor Jarom will never been able to convince everyone that Risk is a fantastic idea. Sorry Jarom.

Luckily there are a few that are well loved by all. Telestrations is one that will always get plenty of laughs.

And one of those laughs is now blog worthy thanks to Wes and Conner...

Telestrations in a nut shell:

Get a secret word.
Draw it.
Someone writes what they think you've drawn.
Someone draws THAT.
Someone guesses that.
Someone draws THAT.

Repeat a billion times.

Or six. Like we do.

Anyway! Wes picked the word "Jupiter." And then he drew this:

(Not Jupiter, by the way. He's a dentist, not an astronomer... give hime a break!! )

But not to worry. Conner unknowingly had his back. 

And then Jarom set the record straight. (Actually Jupiter).

When we saw the results at the end we laughed forever. And ever. AND EVER.

Then after the prayer, my husband couldn't decide 
if he was sitting on the couch or not. (Side note: Wes singing "Love One Another"
sounds a lot like the Happy Birthday song. This is VERY important to remember).