Saturday, 4 February 2017


One of the nicest things about Wes getting so old and senile is that we can now trick him into doing things like getting a cat.

I have been waiting patiently for almost TWO decades for this moment, and you will be happy to know that not only did he let us get a cat, I think deep down he actually likes her a bit too.


Let's not get carried away.

How could you really not like this cute thing though.

We called her Freya, and she is a bengal cat (for the sake of my daughter
who is allergic to almost everything, but thankfully not cats yet, fingers crossed).

Her favourite thing to do is eat. And eat. AND EAT. And when she's not
eating, she is begging for food. And when she's not begging for food, she's thinking
about begging for food. And when she's not thinking about begging for food,
she's dreaming about thinking about begging for food.

So basically, she fits perfectly into the Prepchuk family.

We've had her a total of two weeks now, and other than her food addictions,
 here are a few things we've learned about her so far... 

She's good at making us laugh.

She rocks at snoozing between Conner and Lena.

She is super skilled at fighting green balls. 
This will for sure come in handy one day if the world is ever 
under attack from the dreaded green balls.

She is in love with the dishwasher.

She can read. 

She's awesome at sitting on Conner's worksheets.

She likes to do school with Conner and Lena...

She's also cute.

And did I mention, she's cute...?

A little live action:

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Ah, school.

At the moment, three of my four offspring are homeschooled. Reid flew the coop when he turned the big old mature fourteen, and soon Jarom will be joining him there. The good news is that I still get Conner and Lena to entertain me while we hang out at home staring at each other, and occasionally doing work. 

Conner was especially kind to provide me with all kinds of insider info the other day...

While plowing his way through geography work, 
he announced that 60 degrees north and south are his 
favourite lines of latitude. FAVOURITE! 
I had no idea. 

Thank goodness for homeschooling, or I'd never discover stuff like this.

Not long after THAT, he lets me know that he doesn't like lighthouses,
because... ya know... they are too tall

Speaking of school, this one apparently had a long day at it.

Looks like he's still entertaining me after all.

Monday, 31 October 2016

Halloween '16

This year I was REALLY on the ball for Halloween. So on the ball, I managed to get one and ONLY one picture.

I'm so proud of myself.

Conner and Lena trick or treated while Reid and Jarom stayed home
to eat all pass out the candy.  
It didn't bother Conner at all, by the way, that he was Obi-Wan with
a green lightsaber. GREEN! Thankfully, the Star Wars police were
not on patrol that night.

And then we made pizza and watched Ghostbusters, and ate donuts and 
candy and candy and more candy until we were nice and fat and sick.

The End.


Saturday, 22 October 2016

She be stealthy

Outfitted in her rainbow camouflage, she lays in wait to take out a
brother or two. OR THREE! So many options.

Better location established.

BANG! I don't know which brother it is, but I think he's probably dead.

I knew it!

And now I feel like some chocolate chip cookies. 

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Her Day

Lena is crazy about birthdays. Her birthday especially, but she's not too picky. She was so excited for her dad's birthday last month, she could hardly sleep. I have to admit, I don't quite understand it... maybe someone could explain it to me.

Like Lena. If you're reading this, explain it to me.

She was super over the moon crazy for her big old turning NINE birthday,  so I went super over the moon crazy taking and now SHARING pictures with you.

Hope you've got an hour or two...

First thing in the morning, after she had checked out her present pile,
 she just sat and fell in deep deep love with her cake.

McDonald's was on the menu for breakfast, as per usual. As per NOT usual,
Reid opted not to photobomb this picture. What the???

The bday girl and her loot. I must say, she has got some awesome presentation skills. Just go 
ahead and call her Vanna White!!

Glad we're on the same page.

She is incredibly graceful and ladylike as she opens her gifts. 
Getting all nine and mature will do that to you I guess.

Umm... NOT what is in the box, darling.

Told ya so.

Gasp! What is it? You'll never know.

The birthday viewers. I'm forever grateful for kids who give me fun photos like this. 

I thought I'd better go ahead and share this picture, since you rarely ever get a shot with me in it.
You're WELCOME! 

Lena and the shopkins cake... which her father will most willingly, and insistently claim to be
In other news, poor little Lalaloopsy may need years of therapy and chiropractic care due
to some rather neglectful behaviour on the part of her newfound family.

After all the presents and stuffing our faces with greasy hash browns, Lena marched us all
off to the beach. After we gathered Reid from school of course. He may want to go to 
school on HIS birthday, but no way does he want to when anyone else has a birthday!

We may have learned that the hard way. Thankfully, gas is cheap, and we love driving
back and forth to his school fifty times a day. 

Beach time is some serious business. So much sand to move...

Like I said.

What the heck? I didn't come to this beach to find random treasure!! I came to take care
of the SAND problem!!

Sanitation is an important part of the sand moving business.

One of my favourite things about Reid and Jarom is what great friends they are to each other.

And how good it is of Jarom to be cool with Reid's little quirks.

And his weird way of walking.

I think he may just be channelling his inner Hulk.

I'm really liking this moment. So peaceful. So idyllic. 

It deserves a little photo editing love. The only thing missing is the Reidster...

Ah! There. Problem solved. 

After the beach we went home and showered off ten tons of sand and then ate cake for dinner.

She's thoroughly enjoying her pink flame candles. And I'm thoroughly 
enjoying Jarom's ghosting skills.

She's the cutest. Even with puffy cheeks and burning red eyes.

Happy Birthday LENA!!!