Sunday, 5 July 2020

Hello Sunday

With the absence of "normal" church in our life, Sundays have become more and more and MORE chill. We don't have much to do, because the parents around here don't let us go on the beloved technology on a Sunday. So we are reduced to doing things like puzzles. PUZZLES.

Although Jarom and Conner's contribution to the puzzle goes something like this:
"Uh, sure... maybe I'll help a little later."
The end.

I don't know why I feel it necessary to document this. 
Here it is anyway.

Conner did manage to snuggle onto the puzzle mat holder... so... we are wearing him down.

It doesn't get much more exciting than this. No... really... it doesn't.

Lena realizing this is actually going to take forever.

Later in the day, we got a little glimpse into the mind of Wes... who apparently thinks it would be pretty awesome stuff if you could just like, wake up and go to... the BATHROOM. What!

Sunday, 21 June 2020

Father's Day Hooray

Once upon a time there was a Wes. And a Father's Day. 

So we put two and two together...

Standard chaos.

Church. He did not get out of giving the lesson just because it's Father's Day! 
Father's love fulfilling their responsibilities anyway. So it was more like a gift.

Wes thought he'd like to go for a hike in the mountains for Father's Day. 
What he actually did instead was nap. Times a thousand. Isn't he just the cutest little 
patootie pie angel face DARLING?

What dentists dream of, of COURSE. Are you even surprised. 

Reid's father's day gift. Himself. 
So thoughtful...

The leprechauns were feeling the Father's Day love... so thoughtful. They must know how 
much fathers love their pretty rainbows.  

Tank you!!

Saturday, 20 June 2020

Conner is fifteen

Conner decided to take his turn being all fifteen.

So we decided we'd celebrate by eating fifteen tons of junk.

Thanks to the Covid life, we didn't go anywhere outside the house... but even if we could have, let's be honest... Conner would have preferred to stay home and game the day away anyway! 

He's just living his truth, which is all the rage these days. So... good on ya Conner.

Picture time!

Breakfast of champions. Fortnite champions. 

He got a gift or two. Or three. 
Actually five.

While Conner was busy opening his stash, Wes, Lena and Nita all wanted 
the same doughnut.

Lena was victor. As usual!

The goods. 

Dinner of champions. Subnautica champions.

In order to avoid talking to each other, we watched a little something while we ate.

The movie was so boring, Jarom was yawning before it began, 
and Wes fell asleep before even pressing PLAY! So impressive...

He loves birthdays, because I take so many pictures of him.

The excitement for this moment is almost too much for them to take.
Reign it in guys!!

Conner blows out candles while Jarom practices his opera. 

The end. Happy day CONNER!!!

This video has nothing to do with Conner's birthday, but everything to do with Conner, so I'm completely justified in sharing it here... 

Sunday, 14 June 2020

The time we went for a walk

It has been three months since the "covid - don't go anywhere see anyone do anything breathe on another living soul - life" began. 

And we are doing just fine and dandy and not even a little crazy. We are in fact a bunch of very happy campers because 83% of this household is introverted, and the other 17% is 15% introverted.

Like I said. Not crazy.

Business as usual.

Instead of our usual Sunday afternoon activities of sleeping, baking, napping, eating, 
and sneaking onto our Instagram accounts for memes, we gathered 
ourselves up, cracked open the door, squinted against the brightness of the sun, 
and apprehensively ventured into the OUTSIDE WORLD.

Nita came with.

The great thing about hiking trails is that you have to walk
single file and not talk to each other. 

This glorious walk is just a brief drive from our home. So of course we
have been here a total of TWICE in the last eighteen months. We are
awesome at taking advantage of the beauty that surrounds us.

Single filing down to a science. 

It's beautiful and everything, but a little bit of wildlife might 
make it more impressive.

That's more like it.

She is the sweetest most beautiful angelic thing on the planet.
And she lets me take her picture. 

The boys let me take pictures of their backs. 


Monday, 18 May 2020

Victoria's Day

Well it was Victoria Day, which means we had to get out and celebrate (her majesty would be incredibly hurt if we didn't).

We decided to walk around Bowness Park and then cook our dinner over a fire.

So very British of us...

Aw. Everyone stares at Nita while Nita stares at a big old log.

I am forever taking pictures of people's backs. We are not a family that 
enjoys having a picture taken... so I take what I can get.

If you are ever in the mood to see an endless amount of rocks, we may have a suggestion for you.

They were trying to get Nita to see a SQUIRREL. She didn't seem to
care... or even see it at ALL. I can't understand why! It's so obvious...

It's right there.

We love our hotdogs with a side of smoke in our faces. 

Freya is feeling pretty under appreciated these days. 

There are many things to love about this picture... but...

That cute little face on that FLOOFY body is taking the cake.

I think he's feeling pretty proud of his marshmallow roasting skills.

Called it.

And because it was Monday we got to talk to Elder 
Reidster Prepchuk, and I took this amazing screen 
shot of his lovely face. 

This video may seem like it has no point or purpose, but the purpose was to hear Wes randomly blurt out "Bearspaw water treatment plant INtake."

Well, it seems random anyway. He will insist it wasn't..