Thursday, 28 December 2017

The DAY.

Every year it's the same... we're all downstairs waiting to rip into it, 
and Daddy is taking his sweet time getting out of bed and getting all pretty.

This year we decided to write in the Christmas journals while we waited for the
old man to join us...
Just give us five or ten years and we eventually wise up and have great ideas.

Stocking time. 

Stocking presents are so awesomely hygienic.

Aw, he's so cute! And old! And half asleep!

Christmas presents from Grandpa Po and Grandma Coconut Oil. 


Really though... Reid gets the trophy for best reaction. At first the popping eyes seem
to take the cake, but then... I think... the lack of teeth amuses me the most in the end.

Either way, thanks Reid.

Waiting your turn to open a present is the best. Just ask Conner's face...

Presents from Old Saint Nick. Despite his extreme old age, his wrapping skills 
are on point.

(Also... hello daddy toes)

Don't ya just hate it when Santa puts a BOW on your stuff??
The nerve.

Once all the unwrapping is done, we naturally moved onto the
figuring out how stuff works portion of the day:

Sometimes Wes likes to power nap while he's lecturing me.

He is an expert builder and.... um... tanker (?)

Now that's how you enjoy your Christmas loot! 

Christmas dinner. 
Just imagine I'm sitting right there between Wes and Lena.

Don't I look great??

And because five trillion pictures aren't enough:

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Christmas Eve '17

Christmas Eve was on a Sunday this year, so we woke nice and early, got all pretty and enjoyed a one hour special meeting in which our dad actually sat with US. It was an unexpected Christmas miracle.

Then we headed home where our kids impatiently counted the seconds until they could open new pjs and we could do our usual "Watch-the-polar-express-while-eating-cinnamon-buns-and-drinking-hot-chocolate."

How we ended up with this tradition, I'm not quite sure, but you'll be happy to know I only dozed off once or twice during the movie.

Because, you know, hot chocolate makes me sleepy. It's not like it's a boring movie or anything.


Pyjama time:

They're the best.

Cookies for Mr. Claus:

Each child painstakingly created a special cookie for Santa. 
Can you guess which is from who??

Of course you can.

The stash:

Ah... magical.

Bring on the squealing children.

Friday, 22 December 2017


So we went to see the temple lights at the Sydney Temple, and I took TWO WHOLE PICTURES.

Also, my husband stopped and talked to FIFTY BILLION PEOPLE.

It is a great tradition we try to keep up every year.

Here are my two pictures:

Those two dark people-y things in front of the rainbow tree 
are my two littlest people-y things Conner and Lena.
You can't see their faces, but believe me... they are CUTE!

And Lena, my little angel, insisted on a picture with Jesus.



Wednesday, 20 December 2017


Because it's not enough at the Christmas season to be eating ten tons of sugar cookies, candies, and chocolates... we need to make ourselves some candy houses too.

As usual, I went overboard providing candy for decorating.
I just want to make sure they can reach their decorating dreams!! 

Dusting with some snow...

All serious with the front...

And all goofy with the back. Except Conner, who went with his usual gorgeous self.


Monday, 18 December 2017

Um, yum.

Every Christmas we let ourselves believe that it's necessary to make/assemble ten trillion sugar cookies.

Not once, but TWICE.  The first batch is to share (with plenty left over to fill our bellies) and the second batch is to fill our bellies AGAIN, with a few special ones set aside for good ole Saint Nick.

We are so very thoughtful and considerate.

Of our bellies.

And sometimes other people.

Making cookies gets Reid so so SO happy, and gets Jarom and Conner... so... umm... 
arguing telepathically?

Let the never ending icing/decorating begin!!

It all looks so lovely and innocent. Until you see it...

Someone can't wait to decorate a headless one. 
Not disturbing at all...

This is serious business y'all.

I knew it.


WAY impressive!

If anyone needs tips on how to gain fifty pounds over the holidays, just
ask the Prepchuks... we are experts.